Nov. 4, 2020

Sortin' out the roos in the top paddock

Gday gang!

If you've been reading my blog you’d know by now that I’ve been spending a fair bit of time sorting out the kangaroos in the top paddock. A bloody unruly mob to be sure! Well I’ve sorted that all lot out, as well as a bloke called Murphy, and now it looks like I’m starting to get back on top things around here, but I better not speak too soon eh? 

I took the ute into town the other day and purchased one o them interweb domain thingamajigs. Got me own brand new, shiny one, called it the bloke at the shop said he’d never seen one that looked anything like it before. He reckons its a beauty, said it’d get a lot of traffic… I might have to widen the driveway… 

Anyhow, so now when you’re looking for me on the interweb, you’ll know where to find me. Cause, crikey its a big place out there the interweb, a bloke could get lost if he weren’t careful. I don’t know how anyone can find anything in it. Some joker down the pub reckons it's a bit like his neighbours shed, chock a block with junk, and a bloke’s gotta climb over everything to  get the flaming thing he needs, that’s if he can find it in the first place. But there you go, its all sorted now, made it nice and easy for all you good folk, and yer mates, to find me. 

Ok, so what’s next? Well as I said in me last blog, I’ve only got one episode up me sleeve, and I’ve been clinging on to that that like it was the last bottle in me fridge. I reckon I may just have to crack it open though and share it with all me mates, after all, that’s what it's for eh? 

From then, I’ve gotta get cracking, on me next Ripping Yarn, I expect I won’t keep all you good folk waiting too long, but I really want to make this one a Ripper, so chop some wood for the barbi and keep the tinnies on ice.

For you good folk outside of Oz, tinnies are cans of beer, and a barbi is a barbecue, but I reckon you kew that already eh?