Oct. 31, 2020

Murphys Law

G'day history fans!

Work is continuing on my latest episode, and it's going to be a Ripper. However, just as I was really hitting my straps Murphys law kicked in. A thought occurred that with the popularity of Ripping Yarns from History growing so rapidly, (now downloaded in 10 countries and 36 cities worldwide) I had better make an effort to tidy up any, let's say, compromising material in my episodes. 

Those that know me, know that Ripping Yarns from History podcasts was really just an experiment for a bit of fun, and was never expected to have an audience such as it is now gaining worldwide. So, time had come to tidy up the compromised episodes, and make them conform to accepted standards. And this is where Murphy’s law kicked in. 

You see, I decided to re-edit all of my episodes, which can be time consuming at the best of times, and so, like the pedantic type I am I started with my first episode, The Charge of the Light Brigade. The trouble was, that being my very first episode, I was still, learning the basics of the recording software (Audacity) and in the process managed to make a real mess of the original tracks, ending up with multiple part versions across multiple folders. No problem, I can fix it… Murphy, you’re up… My ancient PC staring to go on the blink, giving me the old 3 beep signal on startup announcing to the world that it’s RAM was about to pack it in. No problem, I’ll transfer everything to my Mac and continue on from there. 

Murphy! You there old mate?… Oh yeah, couldn’t transfer files through the cloud, the old PC was digging its heels in. No problem, I’ll use Dropbox. Dropbox successfully installed, Hoorah! Start transferring, Murphy who? Blast and damnation! Files corrupted during transfer, what? Of course I copied and not moved em, do you think I’m stupid?… Oh Murphy… Oh Murphy.. Now what? Drink whiskey and think…. Long story short, the whiskey helped. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I remembered that when I first bought my Mac, I had transferred all files across from my PC, Hoorah! Double Hoorah! So now I am back to square 1 with the task of re-editing the offending tracks before continuing on with work on my latest episode.

So there’s no prizes on offer, but can anyone tell what I need to edit out?