Nov. 1, 2020

Dont mention Murphy...

G’day gang!

Well, it looks like I’ve sorted out the worst o’ me earlier dilemmas. Now I don’t want to court disaster, so I won’t mention Murphy. Long story short, is that I spend a great many hours labouring over multiple files in multiple directories, trying to sort out the mess that I had single handedly and painstakingly created for myself in the first place. 

So this podcasting thing, well its a labour of love. And you know, if you really love something, then you know you can make a decent go of it. Well, I’m starting to get some traction now, got folk from all over the world, 53 cities in 12 countries. Crikey, can you believe that? Ok, so now what?

Well, my latest episode, which may or may not be called Dark Forces, is still being written, so I need to get cracking on that. Theres a fair bit of mucking around that needs to be done to get your Ripping Yarns out there in the big wide world, and every day I find some other task tearing me away from getting on with the job. Well, I had a plan you know. It was a god plan. Some may even say that it was cunning plan…Those of you that know me, know that I started creating these yarns way back in 2014, as a bit of an experiment, you know, just to see if I could do it. I even cobbled together a bit of a dodgy web page to upload em to. Alright, so when I started this, I thought I had a bit of time up me sleeve. I thought I could put up a couple of episodes to kick off with, then as the weeks roll by, I’d upload another one, you know, just to keep rolling along. No worries mate.  Well Fairdinkum, a bloke couldn’t have got it more wrong. With all to too-ing & Fro-ing, and mucking about in the last couple a weeks, I’ve now only got one episode left up me sleeve. Stone the flaming crows mate! Now I’ve gotta get cracking as it seems the folk over in Clichy, Île-de-France, Livermore California, New Delhi Moscow, even Parramatta are all banging at me flaming door to get on with it. So come on cobber, if you ain’t all over this, you’re gonna miss the flaming bus. Get on it, and get yer mates onto it as well.

You little Ripper!